Atlântida WTA Travel

A trademark of Atlântida Viagens e Turismo S.A., founded on 1st August 1991 and accredited by IATA on 1st December of the same year, its mission is to provide high quality services as the only strategy to impose itself in a highly competitive sector.

With this in mind, the company has focused almost exclusively on attracting clients/companies of recognised credibility/identity and public bodies and institutions.

Atlântida Viagens e Turismo S.A. is committed to providing the highest level of quality in the provision of services related to travel undertaken within the scope of the professional activity of the employees of the respective companies. It aims to provide significant reductions in the costs associated with travel, as well as ensuring a personalised management of the various types of needs of each client, also strengthening its value proposition and competitiveness in the leisure segment.

The dynamism and professionalism of its collaborators, the recognition obtained by the airlines, by IATA and by its customers, place Atlântida Viagens e Turismo S.A. today as a Travel agency of recognised credibility and with its own space in the market.

In order to consolidate our organization and strategy, a process of implementation and certification of a "Quality Management System" (QMS) in accordance with the standard - NP EN ISO 9001:2008 was structured. Considering the QMS as a global and integrated management tool, Atlântida Wta Viagens, with this certification, offers its customers an additional and institutional guarantee of the conformity of our services with the levels and requirements defined and expected by them.

Atlântida Viagens e Turismo S.A. is currently a company certified in the Quality Management System by APCER and IQNET (International Certification Body).



The Creation of Innovation, Excellence and the highest Quality of Service for our customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.


We look to the future by anticipating change.


Relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees are open, fair and honest.


We offer our clients personalised attention, quality and value.


We encourage thinking beyond conventional wisdom.


With the one we have we produce extraordinary results, we bet on the best professionals in the market by providing constant training.

The Image Atlantis Wta - Constant movement to achieve success.

The Atlântida Wta logo, inspired by the letter "a" of Angola, Atlântida and WTA, aims to create a representativeness with the globe and the plane, simulating a landing, followed by a new departure, as if a constant movement to achieve success.

The new logo was inspired by the warm and intense tones that characterise Angolan culture, transmitting dynamism, simplicity and credibility, characteristics of the brand's main values: honesty, transparency, efficiency and excellence.