Owner of a Quality Management System certified by APCER according to the NP EN standard ISO 9001:2015Atlântida Viagens e Turismo, S.A., through its brand Atlântida Wta Viagens, dedicates very special attention to the detection, accountability and timely correction of any irregularities that may occur within the organization as well as situations involving the suppliers contracted to provide the service provided.

In order to implement successive improvements in our services, we encourage our clients to register, in writing, their complaints and/or suggestions emphasizing that, according to the law regulating the activity of travel agencies, they will have 30 days to do so after the end of the trip/stay.

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Atlântida Wta, as an associate member of APAVT, is a member of the Client's Ombudsman and advises its clients, should they see the need to submit any complaint, to send the exhibition by letter or e-mail to the following address:

Client's Ombudsman, Rua Duque Palmela, 2 - 1º Dtº 1250-098 Lisboa
Tel: 213 553 010 Fax: 213 145 080
e-mail: provedor@provedorapavt.com

The Client's Ombudsman is an exempt entity that analyses and decides complaints based on the facts presented and duly framed in the law that regulates the activity of travel agencies.


Available in all shops for registration of complaints that will be analyzed by Tourism of Portugal.


ATLANTIDA WTA identifies, defines, assures and puts into practice a Quality Policy according to what is defined in this Manual, having as a motto the involvement of its collaborators to obtain the goals and objectives that it proposes in strategic terms.
"ATLANTIDA WTA is dedicated to providing services in the areas of travel promotion and marketing and other related services for both business and leisure, individually or as part of global multi-service packages.
In order to achieve this goal, we continuously regulate our actions in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • Our Quality is what is perceived by our Customers and other stakeholders. Thus, understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of the interested parties, as well as fulfilling their requirements, expressed or implied, is a primary responsibility of all ATLÂNTIDA WTA employees;
  • All our commitments, attitudes and services should be recognized as an expression of Quality. As such, we seek to predict problems rather than just detect and correct them after they have occurred, in a posture of continuous and sustained improvement of our work processes.
  • The achievement of our essential goal of continuing to operate in a sustained manner, as a group of competitive and successful companies determined by:
    • Quality and dedication of our employees and the effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility of our organization;
    • Ability to meet the needs (and loyalty) of our Customers, as well as the expectations of our Employees and Shareholders;
    • Ability to establish stable and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers;
    • The attitude of active commitment of the companies and each of their employees to Quality.