It is the passenger's responsibility to check that he/she has a valid passport, possible entry visa (where applicable) and that he/she meets the conditions for entry into the country in relation to the new COVID-19 regulations:

Alert and Information

Atlântida WTA Travel has been permanently monitoring the evolution of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus Covid-19 and has paid attention to the recommendations issued by the competent national and international entities, namely IATA (International Air Transport Association), the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control, as well as the Directorate General of Health, and also by the National Aeronautical Authority, ANAC.

Internal and External Restraints

Check all the updated information on border openings and measures implemented in the various destinations:

Destinations in EUROPECLICK HERE

OTHER DestinationsCLICK HERE (the information is in English).

Airports - Security Measures and Policies Implemented

Airports around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 context and have adopted policies and procedures to ensure the protection of travellers and their employees.

Nowadays, information is regularly updated as a result of the evolution of the pandemic and the coordinated efforts of the governments of the various countries.

Trip Advisor has created a website with up-to-date information on the world's main airports to help travellers.

The information is in English, but we recommend that you consult it before travelling. Consult HERE

Alternatively, call our helpline and we will be happy to help you: 800 200 215

Should I travel?

The security and protection measures in the various countries vary according to the policies of each government and the evolution of the epidemiological situation in each country, influencing the border rules for travellers.

Airports, airlines and hotels have considerably improved the measures and procedures aimed at guaranteeing and respecting the hygienic standards and social distancing advised to prevent the spread of the Covid_19 Virus.

However, although it is possible to travel, the worsening of the pandemic in global terms, results in a constant adaptation of countries that change their border and reception rules according to the inherent risk.

For this reason, it is essential to find out in advance about all the measures required by the country you intend to travel to and countries in transit if your trip has stopovers.

Atlântida WTA Travel has experienced and informed professionals and the direct contacts to provide you with up-to-date and precise information to prepare your trip and to assist you during it, informing you about the necessary procedures and documentation and proposing the best routes according to the circumstances to reach your destination.

Recommendations for travellers

Considering the way this virus spreads, there are some guidelines you should take into account if you are travelling, namely: avoid staying a long time in places with a high density or passage of people. Another measure is to opt for direct flights so as not to have to stop at more than one airport. We advise you to take with you useful contacts that may be necessary such as the embassy and health services of the destination to which you are travelling.

In addition to these recommendations, it is very important to travel with travel insurance.

We also leave you with the recommendations established by the DGS that you should take into account:

- Use of Mask;
- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, rubbing them well for at least 20 seconds;
- Reinforce hand washing before and after food preparation, before meals, after using the toilet and whenever hands are dirty;
- Alternatively, use an alcohol-based hand hygiene solution;
- Use paper tissues (single-use) to blow yourself;
- Throw the used tissues into a waste bin and wash your hands afterwards;
- Cough or sneeze into the arm with the elbow bent, not into the hands;
- Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands or hands contaminated with respiratory secretions.

How can I make a safer journey?

Taking out Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip is a gesture that can not only bring added peace of mind, but also save you some financial hassle in case of any unexpected eventuality.

In times of pandemic, this is even more true if we consider that the risk of contracting the virus is constant or that the rules of entry to destinations are constantly changing.

Additionally, many countries oblige their visitors on arrival to present insurance covering medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs, should they contract Covid-19.

Important links to consult before travelling:

Traveller Consultation 
See "coronavirus".

DGS (General Directorate of Health
For information to users on national territory.

SNS - National Health Service  

Travelling to and from Portugal

Communities Portal 
It is recommended to all those who are going to travel, to register before travelling. You can also choose to install the application on your mobile phone.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control 
Updated information on COVID-19, specific for Europe.

CDC (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention)
Up-to-date information for travellers.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) 
Updated information on entry and exit restrictions for each country (see "coronavirus update").

John Hopkins CSSE 

Map showing the distribution of COVID-19 cases updated every minute.

WHO (World Health Organisation) 
For official global information and recommendations.

Support and Information

You can contact us by phone and email, we will always be available to help.

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